Music Production/

Composer | Sound Designer

Ray Casarez has been involved in several different areas of the music realm throughout his 15 years of guitar playing. Please send an emailing inquiring about any of the following:  

Music for Visual Media
Sound Design
Artist Production

Ray Casarez has also aided in several different areas of sound design to a myriad of artists and businesses. Anything from polishing up some interview dialogue for a podcast, to creating a booming intro transition for an internet radio network. Send over an email and get your next mix sounding bold, bright and dynamic. 


Having played guitar since he age of 13, as well as touring band for 7 of those years, Ray has always been a songwriter. Utilizing these skills, he has been able to help produce many local artists ranging from all musical genres. Whether it is audio recording, mixing & mastering, or songwriting, Ray extends a helping hand to anyone seeking an extra listening ear to maximize creativity, production quality and potential. 

Along with releasing original music for distribution, Ray Casarez has been composing music for several visual media outlets over the years. Such projects include original podcast jingles and musical accompaniment for animations and ads. Using various sounds and audible techniques, Ray has been able to provide listeners with a dynamic range of emotions that carry through from the first downbeat to the last big drop.