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Power Rangers Unworthy: Episode 4 TRAILER

Power Rangers Unworthy: Episode 4 TRAILER

Join our Patreon for the first look at the VENJIX RANGER in Episode 4 and get early access to future videos BEFORE they go live on our channel! After rescuing the Earth 2-18 Rangers from the clutches of The Arbiter, the mysterious Chrono Ranger finally reveals details about his past. Who was his Time Force team? Where did his cybernetic arm come from? And what was his first encounter with the fallen First Ranger? Stay tuned to find out! Episode 4 will drop in the coming weeks..! And don't forget to SUBSCRIBE and help spread the word! --- DIRECTOR/EDITOR: The Blerd Vision CAMERA: Guerilla Warframe ACTION CHOREO: Fight for Film VFX: Beautiful Disaster SFX: @Sethfilms MUSIC: @ItsMarkCooper & @RayCasarezMusic --- JOIN OUR PATREON: FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM: FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK: FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: ** Power Rangers Unworthy is a non-profit web series made by fans for fans. All rights belong to their respective owners. Please support the official release. ** #PowerRangers #PowerRangersUnworthy #FanFilm

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